Did you know that even those who have been in the agriculture business for years can still encounter problems with their livestock? At one point, you will lose them and you’re lucky if you get them back. So here are tips on how to protect your livestock.

First, you should consider having a system for animal tagging. Being able to identify the animals that you own is important. Make sure the system you develop is non-removable.

Second, don’t give thieves an easy time in stealing your stock. Make sure your area is protected and locked and surrounded by security equipment such as CCTV’s and industrial locks.

Third, make sure to segregate your animals for easy monitoring. There are the vulnerable ones and those that are hard to steal. It’s up to you to set up your farm in such a way that you won’t need to keep on checking on them from time to time.

Remember, your livestock is practically your livelihood. Don’t let anyone get the chance to take them away from you.